A Fireball of Hysteria

Fireball Flavored Whiskey

Fireball Flavored Whiskey

Today the drinks biz is buzzing with the news that Fireball – the popular cinnamon-flavored spirit – contains propylene glycol (PG). If you live in the US, this has always been the case. If you have consumed Fireball at some point and today strangely find yourself alive, you are not alone.

By now you have probably been told that Fireball contains anti-freeze. Technically it does. PG is commonly used as an anti-freeze having replaced it’s mildly toxic sibling, ethylene glycol (EG). Ethylene glycol was commonly used in car radiators and frequently dripped on car parks to be lapped-up by thirsty dogs making them sick. We swapped EG with PG and presto – no more sick dogs.

However, if all the hoopla causes you to want to pour your stash of Fireball down the drain you had better set aside a few hours as you will be including a lot of other common food and drink items in your purge. Like what you ask?

Many light commercial lagers use PG as a head retention ingredient. Grab those bottles of salad dressing and margarine as well along with packaged baked goods. I hope you don’t have a weakness for ice cream or soda as many of the major brands use PG. I could go on but by now you should be getting the point.

In the 21st century an opportunity to become hysterical rarely goes begging for an audience nor a chorus of Chicken Littles.

With popularity comes derision so those who find Fireball to be an affront to their delicate physique are taking a victory lap with today’s news. This is to be expected. If you are a Fireball drinker, carry on. As for me, I’ve never been a fan. It’s not the kind of product that I choose to consume as a matter of taste. To each his or her own.

Keep calm and eat and drink what you like.

Sean Ludford – BevX.com

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