The Beautiful Margarita

The Beautiful Margarita – Tequila time

The Beautiful Margarita – Tequila time

I’m in love with everything about this emerald beauty. I love the Margarita’s pure drinkability factor. I love its simplicity and its complexity; how it brings together three commodities of substance to create something whose sum is truly greater than its parts.

Like many of the world’s greatest discoveries, the Margarita’s origins are shrouded in mystery. There are no fewer than a dozen compelling stories of Margarita’s invention but I cannot verify any of these tales. What is understood is that this classic cocktail was likely created somewhere between the mid 1930s and 1940s. The place of birth varies from the US West to Mexico, most commonly in the popular seaside towns of Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. We also know that Tequila had long been mixed with fresh juices and has had an historical affinity with the lime.

My favorite (and perhaps most credible) tale goes like this – Americans Bill and Margaret Sames kept a home seaside in Acapulco, Mexico. They traveled with the jet set and counted among their friends several prominent hoteliers and restaurant owners. While entertaining a group of friends near Christmas, Margaret was dreaming up a new cocktail to serve her guests. Tequila was plentiful and Cointreau her favorite liqueur. After a few experiments she decided upon a mix of white Tequila, Cointreau with limejuice. She served the cocktail in Champagne glasses with salt adorning the rim. Her new cocktail was a hit and after days of enjoying the new creation the group decided that it needed a name. No name seemed more appropriate than the name of its creator, albeit in its Spanish translation, Margarita.

Tips for a Great Margarita

  • Hopefully it goes without saying but start with quality ingredients. 100% agave Tequila, a good orange liqueur, and fresh squeezed limejuice.
  • Make mine with Blanco please! I know that there are many versions of the Margarita that utilize reposado or even añejo but I feel that this cocktail should be free of wood.
  • This cocktail should be shaken – not stirred and NOT BLENDED!
  • This great cocktail can be served in a cocktail glass or on the rocks. When the it’s hot and hydration is king, choose the rocks option.
  • Salt is optional but it can enhance the drink so consider salting just half the rim of the glass.

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