• Batemans Rosey Nosey Holiday Ale (England)

    Bright tawny color with a perfect clarity and a modest white head. The nose is wonderfully fruity and rich with a great sense of balance due to English hops and a modest - dare we say session worthy - strength. Interwoven is a fresh layer of toasted grains with accents of caramel and fruitcake. A treat. 4 Stars

  • Farnum Hill Ciders Semi-Dry (USA)

    Bright golden color with a faint head and subtle carbonation. The nose is fresh with the scents of sweet and tart apples, as well as a healthy dose of apple skin and celery leaf. The palate is equally fresh being more tart than the nose suggested with plenty of natural acidity and complex fruit notes. Wonderfully textured and certainly aimed at the dry wine drinker rather than the standard cider offered at the local bar. Serve with dinner! null null null 4 Stars

  • Farnum Hill Ciders Extra Dry (USA)

    Bright golden color, slightly hazy with a fine, subtle bead of bubbles. The nose is very complex offering layers of sweet and tart apples. The palate fully concurs with the nose delivering a vibrant and tart core with accents of apple skin tannins, tart cucumber, celery salt, and citrus zest. A tart and fresh cider seeking to pair with food. A wide range of dishes from smoked salmon to fried chicken comes to mind. 4 Stars

  • Farnum Hill Ciders Extra Dry (USA)

    Bright copper color with a scant trace of carbonation. The nose is rich with the scents of baked apples, lightly toasted almonds, tart, semi-oxidized apple juice, and orange reduction. The palate mirrors the nose offering complex layers of sweet and tart fruit with a nice dose of balancing acidity that keeps it vibrant and fresh despite its deep and ponderous nature. A unique beverage. 4 Stars

  • Tieton Cider Works “Tieton Blend - Dry” (USA)

    Bright golden color with a moderate stream of fine bubbles. The nose is fresh and somewhat subtle with vibrant, ripe apple pulp taking the lead with hints of mineral and apple skin. The first sip is bone dry with a framing note of tart apple acidity. Subsequent sips soften showing a subtle ripeness allowing the fruit to blossom. A refreshing note of bitterness can be found throughout with a complex skin tannin note setting the finish. Lovely. 4 Stars

  • Tieton Cider Works “Wild Washington Apple - Semi-Dry” (USA)

    Bright golden color with a stream of fine bubbles. The nose is vibrant and fresh ripe apples and notes of apple pie as well incorporating subtle hints of spice. The palate echoes the nose with a juicy core that is drier than expected. In fact, the residual sugar level here would be considered dry by most while it is designated as semi-dry here. The flavors linger for minutes with accents of lime zest and apple skin that give it definition and character. 4 Stars

  • Samuel Smith Winter Welcome (England)

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    Deep amber color. The aroma is very complex offering scents of toasted malt, sweet caramel, dried fruits (like a great fruit cake), and a balancing earthy bitterness. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich caramel and grain-driven core with a generous dose of baking spices and dry grains with earthy hops. Full-bodied with a lush texture ideally balancing power with delicacy. 4.5 Stars

  • Great Lakes Christmas Ale (USA)

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    Deep amber, reddish color with a thick and persistent head. The nose is dense with rich, sweet malt with accents of brown baking spices, ginger, cardamom, and pine cone. The palate is in full agreement being rich while never cloying. A harmonious brew with great length and balance. Rich and mildly spicy with warming malt notes and just enough hops to add a crisp edge. 4.5 Stars

  • La Trappe Tripel (Netherlands)

    Bright copper hue with brilliant clarity. Moderately full-bodied. Notes of bananas, white pepper, marzipan. Rich and weighty with a seamless mouthfeel, this is a very elegant beer. It is extremely well balanced and features a lengthy sweet, malty, and warming finish. 4 Stars

  • Xingu Black Beer (Brazil)

    Opaque black-brown. Moderately full-bodied with mild hop bitterness. Extravagant treacle and anise aromas. Rich, creamy mouthfeel with good carbonation and dark roasted notes well balanced by sweet notes and hints of tartness. Wonderfully textured and pleasingly complex. 4 Stars

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