• Lindemans Cuvée René Guezue (Belgium)

    Deep orange-gold hue and quite hazy. Extraordinarily intense gueuze aromas with typical earth and leather character. The nose is reminiscent of a dry white wine and cider hybrid with amazing ester notes. Tart and crisp with a Fino Sherry like flavors. Incredibly refreshing with zesty citrus notes. It’s a classic beer, but not for the timid. It will certainly benefit from a few years in the cellar. 5 Stars

  • Hanssens Mead Gueuze (Belgium)

    Bright, pale gold and turgid. Crisp with the dominate citrus character tamed by semisweet notes of wild honey and sweet grains of malt. Grassy in the finish with lingering sour flavors with tart baked apples and pears. 3 Stars

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