• Ommegang Hennepin (USA)

    This fresh and hoppy, farmhouse style ale has a champagne like effervescence with a crisp but light on the tongue finish. Very true to the classic Belgian style offering both rusticity with the bright flavors of spring. A wonderful brew offered at a bargain price. 4 Stars

  • Brasserie de Blaugies Saison D’Epeautre (Belgium)

    Dry with more than a hint of fresh wheat, sweet malt and balancing tart notes. It is very effervescent with persistent bubbles. The distinct, nearly coarse grain notes offer much intrigue and pleasure. Mildly earthy like great Champagne, and it goes down just as easy. 4 Stars

  • Dupont Saison, Farm House Ale (Belgium)

    Cloudy with a bright golden color. Medium-bodied to full-bodied offering unique depth and style. Outstanding floral hop aromas provide a fruity accent. Pours with a huge frothy white head. The mildly sweet pale malt bite gives way to a bucket-load of wonderful hop flavors that never turn too bitter while giving the finish great authority and definition. 5 Stars

  • Fantome Saison Ale (Belgium)

    Deep golden colored and cloudy with a thick, rocky head. The nose and palate reveal wild flavors akin to lambic. A complex blend of rich malt and tart citrus like flavors. In the end the crisp and lively impression wins the struggle of flavors making this a very refreshing drink anytime of the year. 4 Stars

  • Dupont Moinette Blonde (Organic Saison) (Belgium)

    A hazy beer much like the Weiss Beers you have seen at your favorite tavern. Complex aromas of brown spice and herbs. Bright citrus note upfront with toasted malt palate giving contrasting sweet malt/toffee flavors. A very impressive and complex brew that will satisfy the experts while being approachable to the novice. 5 Stars

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