How about a little respect for Porter? Porter is more than the lighter cousin of the Stout. A well-made porter is an ideal session beer being milder in roasted malt flavors than the Stout, slightly lighter in color, and often ideally balanced ale. What more could you ask for?

Porter is a very old style ale with somewhat disputed roots. What is not in dispute is that the style has all but disappeared from its native England until the great beer revival of the 1980s. A great interest in the style by American craft brewers in the same era also did much to bolster an interest in Porter that has steadily grown. Today Porter is a style well-known and well-loved by a new generation of craft brew drinkers. It is tawny to black in color with a medium body, mild to moderate roasted malt notes (reminiscent of fresh roasted coffee beans), measured hop impression, and a moderate alcohol profile.

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