Bourbon Thieves Nabbed

Not a Great Bourbon Bar, rather stolen goods in the Franklin County Sheriff's possession

Not a Great Bourbon Bar, rather stolen goods in the Franklin County Sheriff’s possession

In October of 2013 national headlines were made when it was reported that cases of the rare and prized Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon had been stolen. The entire theft ring had netted more than just Pappy as both casks and bottled goods of Eagle Rare, also from Buffalo Trace as well as Bourbon from Wild Turkey Bourbon were stolen.

Yesterday, April 21, 2015, nine people were charged in the crime bringing us closer to a conclusion of this bizarre case. Authorities say that this criminal enterprise has been going on for at least seven years and involves thousands of dollars of Bourbon (estimated to be in the are of $100,000).

Apparently the caper was dreamed up by a group of friends at their softball league games! The group of nine conspirators included an employee from both Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey. The criminal enterprise was likely uncovered in large part due to the discovery of illegal anabolic steroids moved from China via the US Postal Service.

Will someone please make a movie based on this story. I’ll bring the popcorn and the Bourbon.

The details are unfolding as the charges have just been filed. If you want to learn more I suggest reading a superb bit of reporting done by Fred Minnick at Whisky Advocate.

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