• Irish Tipsy Orchard

    This simple cocktail can be made easily in the home or at the bar. The dry apple and Sherry flavors ideally compliment the rich flavors of Irish Whiskey. It is ultra refreshing in winter and is an ideal aperitif. You may notice that we are fond of matching Sher...
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  • Hot Toddy - BevX Style

    This classic winter cocktail can soothe us and at times heal us with its warmth and clever dose of Whiskey. It can be made with great ease and requires no special skills or ingredients. Be sure to brew your own black tea (loose is best) and use a quality honey....
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  • Irish Siesta

    This complex yet refreshing cocktail utilizes the deep and mellow flavors of blended Irish Whiskey in an unexpected way by marrying it with flavors from south of the border. I absolutely love the flavor of tamarind and the sodas made with this unique fruit. (Tam...
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  • Irish Coffee

    This week we feature a cocktail that we dare say is one that has been enjoyed by more readers than any other that we have featured. The Irish Coffee can be made with ease at home and the bar. On a cool and damp evening there are few drinks that can warm you fro...
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  • Munster Mule

    The Moscow Mule has made a momentous comeback in the past five years or so. What's the attraction? Is it the cool copper mugs or is it the refreshing taste of ginger? I vote for the ginger (although the mugs are pretty cool). In my view the vibrant and peppery...
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  • An Irishman in Manhattan

    There are countless variations of the classic Manhattan; some good, some bad, and some beyond description. Recently I rediscovered this variation that I mixed up some years ago when asked to make a version utilizing Irish Whiskey. This drink was a great a hit a...
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