• Argyle Elixir

    Scotch Whisky and Sherry go together like peas and carrots. Most Scotch Whisky lovers know of the long practice of maturing Whisky in casks once used for Sherry. This cocktail plays on that pairing albeit seriously ramping-up the Sherry component. To further pl...
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  • Robert Burns Cocktail

    This tasty cocktail is a slight but clever variation on the classic Rob Roy with the distinctive herbal flavor provided by the Benedictine. We simply could not resist featuring this cocktail just days before the anniversary of Burns' birth (January 25, 1759). I...
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  • Rob Roy

    The Rob Roy is a classic cocktail created in New York City at the Waldorf Hotel in 1894. It was originally crafted to celebrate the opening of an opera called “Rob Roy.” The cocktail turned out to be much longer lived than the opera as it is enjoying a stron...
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  • Rusty Nail

    With just two ingredients, this cocktail could not be simpler. But don’t be fooled as this cocktail stirs much debate regarding the proper proportion of the two spirits. Some suggest a 50/50 ratio while we find that mix to be too sweet. BevX p...
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