The Game – 52nd Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has come a long way

The Super Bowl has come a long way

It’s here! No typical Sunday Funday this week, no way, it’s Super Sunday. Just two years ago we celebrated the milestone 50th Super Bowl. While the viewers did not break a record, it was the third most watched Super Bowl in history. One’s 52nd birthday may not get quite the attention of the 50th but this year the movement is growing for the day following the Super Bowl to be a national holiday. Let’s review the story of the cultural institution and unofficial (for now) holiday the Super Bowl has become.

For those not able to attend or see a portion on television, the First World Championship was held January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Kansas City and Green Bay did not play to a packed house. Halftime entertainment was the marching bands of the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan. Green Bay wins 35-10 and the winning coach was Vince Lombardi, whose name would later grace the trophy earned by the Super Bowl Champions. And, it was not even called the Super Bowl yet. The game became the known as the Super Bowl with Super Bowl III in 1969.

Super Bowl III brought a theme, “America Thanks” in addition to the moniker. Super Bowl VI had its first halftime show producer for a sense of how the entertainment factor has changed. Taking a guess but while bets may have been placed in these early championships it was not likely by putting your name in a square for a few bucks.

Today, just about everybody knows what the Super Bowl is and when it is. Some people have no interest in the football portion of the day. Walk into any packed house party on Super Sunday and you may not initially know there’s a game on. First, there’s tons of food. Folks become famous for their wings, chili, dips, or other game day staples. Man, if your recipe is loved, count on making that for the next 10 years, especially if your team won that day. It’s tradition!

Second, is the TV itself – entertainment in a box or flat-screened box. Walk into said party during a commercial and you’ll find commercial junkies giving thumbs up or down to the millions spent by advertisers for each 30-second spot. Add to the commercials the halftime show and it’s all about the entertainment. No doubt a portion of viewers only actually want to see whichever act intends to wow us or possibly embarrass themselves. Super Bowl XLIX (February 1, 2015) had an average of 114.4 million viewers. This figure does not include bars. Take a moment to ponder that potential number.

Americans don’t need an excuse to enjoy some beers, friends, and friendly bets. But it’s not just Americans. TVs and computers around the world are tuned into Super Sunday as well, either live or on delay. Perhaps you’ve been far from home on a Super Bowl and sure enough, someone’s watching at 6:00 am or you are trying to figure out what bar will be open at your destination.

Are you looking for a deal on a new TV? You can likely get a deal just before the big game. Need to re-gift some things from Christmas, shhh, raffle them off on a Super Bowl party to the person who selected the first team to score, first player to score, first fumble, or first pick-six.

So let’s wish a very happy birthday to the unofficial holiday, the Super Bowl, and its many food and entertainment traditions that are ingrained in our culture now. And check up on the status of that national holiday petition.

Entertaining on Super Bowl Sunday

Here are a couple of ideas to help with your Super Bowl gathering:

Creamy Green Chicken Enchiladas – get the recipe

Green Chili – get the recipe


  1. Remember the first one. With all due respect, the game was better. Primadonna players, detached billionaire owners—-it has become a bad product. Would rather watch The Longest Yard reruns

    • I do not remember the first one but I do remember early Super Bowls and very agree that it was a better product. In truth, the NFL has become nearly unwatchable for me. Let’s face it, if you are a fan of lite beer and viagra ads you are equally entertained as though seeking football! This weekend is the opening weekend for Six Nations Rugby and I am far more interested in these games.


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