Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails

Save the mini candy bars, the insipid candy corn, and dental challenging candy apples for the kids. Halloween may be focused on the munchkins but that doesn’t mean that we adults can’t have a holiday inspired treat.

These Halloween cocktails are short on the tricks and long on the treat. We are offering up four cocktails for Halloween weekend. These drinks offer carrying degrees of difficulty and preparation ranging from dead easy to a moderate level of cocktail proficiency.

BevX Halloween Cocktails

Silk Apple – This is a great cocktail for a Halloween or fall theme party. The combination of Calvados with the tasty and unique Amarula Cream Liqueur is an inspired pairing. Get The Recipe

Smiling Jack-O-Lantern – What is autumn and Halloween without pumpkin? I don’t know either but it just wouldn’t be right. This simple cocktail is ideal for your Halloween parties. Get The Recipe

Zombie (BevX style) – With a name like Zombie, this cocktail creates plenty of mood and mind-altering moments from the name alone. (The name makes it an ideal Halloween elixir) This is moderately complex but most home bartenders will have no trouble constructing this drink. Do serve in moderation. Get The Recipe

Orange Blossom – This is a sophisticated Gin & Juice or variant of the classic screwdriver. It’s bright orange so it certainly meets the color requirements of the Halloween party and it could not be easier to prepare. Get The Recipe

Enjoy your Halloween – hopefully with one of these cocktails.

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