Hosting Burns Night – Whisky & Joy

Burns Night – Whisky & Joy

Burns Night – Whisky & Joy

Hosting a Burns Night in your home can be easy and fun. Let’s face it, a night of Scottish poems and songs accompanied by Scotch Whisky is a great way to beat the winter blues.

If you are adventurous perhaps you might want to make our modern haggis recipe.

The Whisky

For many Whisky is the star of the show for Burns Night. You need not go overboard as a modest selection of Whiskies will do just fine. If you are looking for inspiration please visit our Spirits Review section and click on “Scotland.”

Here is what we suggest for a tasty trio of Scotch Whiskies for your Burns Night.

Usquaebach Highland Whiskies 15 Years Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Deep amber to bronze color. The nose is wonderfully complex offering scents of stewed fruits along with fresh pear, pineapple, and red apple supported by waves of brown baking spices (allspice and nutmeg are prominent), caramel, black pepper, wood, and toffee. The palate confirms the nose delivering a lush and silky fruit driven core with accents of baking spice, toasted grains, wood, Sherry, and dry black pepper notes on the finish. This is an intense and multilayered blended malt that changes constantly in the glass as it aerates, revealing new layers of flavors. (see the complete review)

Speyburn 10 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Brilliant, pale gold color. The nose is really quite beautiful with scents of honey-soaked toasted malt and cereal, citrus zest, sweet and dry herbs, with hints of vanilla bean, basil, dried flowers, and oak. The palate is in full accord with the nose delivering a silky and fruity core with layers of honey, grain, and earth leading to a delicate floral finish. Medium-bodied (on the lighter side of medium) with bright, vibrant flavors and perfect balance. (see the complete review)

Balblair Vintage 2003 Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Very pale straw color. The nose is very seductive and complex offering scents of honey, white peach, apricot, toasted grain, butterscotch, citrus zest, lavender, and nutmeg. The palate is in full accord with the nose delivering a lush, fruity core with waves of fresh herbs, honeycomb, and orange with subtle cask notes on the finish. Medium to full-bodied with a rich, silky palate that while generous with fruit and grain never seems heavy as it’s ideally balanced with bright, clean acidity. In today’s market a Whisky of this class and style being sold for under $60 is a rare and beautiful thing. (see the complete review)

Glencairn Whisky Glasses

Glencairn Whisky glasses are simply the gold standard. I conduct Whiskey trainings for both the trade and consumers and I always use Glencairn glasses as they provide the best nosing and tasting possible. If you want more information on the iconic Glencairn glass visit our Glencairn page.

Robert Burns Poems

No Burns Night could be complete without reading e few of the classic Burns poems and songs. If your library is lacking a Robert Burns collection I suggest the book below as it hits all of the highlights.

Haggis! (in a can)

Haggis in a can may seem like hearsay to some but if your in a pinch, don’t have a friend smuggling a true haggis in their checked bag, or if our haggis recipe seems a but daunting…

Walker’s Shortbread

If you have yet to try shortbread with Whisky, well you don’t know what you’re missing. Find one of our favorite shortbreads, Walker Shortbread.

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