Ho-Ho Hot Cocktails for Winter and Fall

We Love Hot Cocktails in Winter

We Love Hot Cocktails in Winter

When the snow is flying and the fire is roaring cozying up with a cool Margarita just seems wrong. Granted, I am a seasonal eater and drinker and I fully embrace this trait.

I think that most of us crave a little warm up in the cooler months and what’s better for the body and soul than a tasty hot cocktail. Besides, we have just a few months to enjoy these classics before we are back to cool, thirst quenching drinks.

Today I submit my contribution to the season, the BevX Hot Cocktail List. The only catch is that you will have make these yourself!

The BevX Hot Cocktails for Winter

  • Rummy Hot Chocolate – There is nothing more comforting than taking a childhood favorite and tweaking it for adult only consumption. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Italian Coffee –  Everyone knows the Irish Coffee so why not have a hot coffee cocktail from the land of superb coffee drinks? See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Mulled Wine (Christmas Nectar) – Mulled, spiced wine is one of the great and classic staples of the Christmas season. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Hot Toddy – This classic winter cocktail can soothe us and at times heal us with its warmth and clever dose of Whiskey. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Hot Buttered Apple & Rum – A twist on the traditional Hot Buttered Rum with the addition of apple cider to give fruitiness and more holiday cheer. See the Story and get the Recipe

Stay tuned to our Cocktail of the Week feature throughout December.

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