New Reviews for July 19, 2017

BevX Reviews – Different By Design

BevX Reviews – Different By Design

Below is a quick look at our latest reviews published at BevX July 19, 2017. Click the links to get the score and the full analysis of each beverage. Every Wednesday we release new stories, introduce our latest reviews, and send our subscribers their weekly, free digital newsletter. (Subscribe here.)

We had another busy week at BevX with new, tasty beverage reviews to share. This week we have Five new spirits reviews and one new beer review. Enjoy!

The BevX reviews are like no other. We evaluate wines, beers, and spirits breaking down elements of appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and intensity as well the product’s “cool factor” and value. We also offer analysis on the creation of the beverage as well as any interesting points that make it unique. Finally we offer suggestion on how to enjoy the beverage including pairing and cocktail suggestions.

As always you see all of our reviews here:

Beverage of the Week

Ayinger Brauweisse
Classic Bavarian Weissebier in a sunny beer-garden or on your own patio is one of summer’s great pleasures… See the Beverage of the Week feature

Latest Reviews


Fabrizia Crema di Limoncello Liqueur
Cloudy and creamy with a pale golden hue. The nose is fresh and slightly warming with bright scents of fresh cream with sweet lemon. The palate echoes the nose delivering a soft and silky lemon cream core with subtle hints of blanched almonds and nougat. Medium-bodied with soft cream and sweet lemon notes with enough bright zest notes to keep it fresh.
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Fabrizia Blood Orange Liqueur
Cloudy with a pale orange to golden color. The nose is amazingly appealing and complex with the scents of freshly cut blood oranges rising from the glass with waves of zest and orange hard candies. The palate fully concurs with the nose delivering a vibrant orange-driven core with a generous dose of bright acidity with bright zesty accents. Medium-bodied with vibrant acidity and perfectly proportioned flavors.
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Fabrizia Limoncello
Cloudy, looking akin to freshly squeezed lemon juice. The nose is filled with the scents of freshly cut lemon zest with accents of cane sugar being redolent of homemade lemonade with a vibrant dose of zest. The palate echoes the nose delivering a bright lemon-driven core with a refreshing dose of zest and just enough sugar to give it body and tame the tart flavors. Medium-bodied with bright and crisp flavors of fresh lemon zest with a deft dose of sweetness.
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Early Times Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Brilliant, deep copper color. The nose is beautifully complex while also straightforward offering scents of caramel, orange zest, wild honey, and cinnamon dusted tea biscuits with accents of cocoa, oak, and ginger. The palate echoes the nose delivering a caramel and citrus-driven core with waves of brown baking spices, ginger snaps, dark chocolate, and oak. Full-bodied and perfectly balanced offering a rich core with very nimble flavors, which is quite a feat considering the strength.
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Van Gogh Vodka
Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is expressive while ultra clean with bright, nearly sweet scents of wheat with supporting notes of pear, citrus, and mineral. The palate echoes the nose delivering a grain-driven core flanked by ripe orchard fruit, citrus zest, and a wet river stone like minerality that defines the finish. Medium-bodied showing perfect balance with a silky texture and a pristine finish.
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