Paczki Me!



Fat Tuesday just got better! I just secured our paczki!

Pronounced poonch-key these beautifully sweet and rich, fried pastries are typically filled with your choice of custard, apple, berries, lemon, among others.

We went for apple, custard, and raisin and they are delicious!

The paczki is a Polish tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. The eating of paczki was often reserved for the Thursday before lent but it has recently become a Fat Tuesday treat.

You don’t have to go to Poland to partake if you are fortunate enough to live a community with a well-entrenched Polish population. Pockets of paczki consumption in the US include Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, and Southeastern Wisconsin.

In Milwaukee these decadent balls of joy are so popular on Fat Tuesday that today is simply known as Paczki Day!

If you can’t get a paczki today – I extend my sincerest sympathies to you and yours.

More on Carnival around the world here.

(I got mine at Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee. Canfora is a great, old Italian bakery but on Paczki Day everyone is Polish.)

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