States Raise Revenue Without Raising Taxes By Repealing Arcane Alcohol Restrictions

Patrick Gleason, Forbes September 10, 2017 As a new football season commences in America, fans in many cities and towns will find it easier to prepare for tailgate parties and other fall weekend festivities thanks to moves taken by a number of states this year to remove antiquated restrictions on alcohol sales. In excess of 30 states reported budget shortfalls at the beginning of... read more

Why we should drink wine at breakfast

Kashmira Gander September 6, 2017 For millions of people, the rich aroma of ground coffee beans blended with hot water and frothy milk is what mornings smell like, while the fruity notes of a glass of wine are a welcome sign of evenings. But what would happen if we ditched the paper cup of arabica for a glug of merlot at 8am? It might... read more

New Reviews for August 30, 2017

Below is a quick look at our latest reviews published at BevX August 30, 2017. Click the links to get the score and the full analysis of each beverage. Every Wednesday we release new stories, introduce our latest reviews, and send our subscribers their weekly, free digital newsletter. (Subscribe here.) We had another busy week at BevX with new, tasty beverage reviews to share.... read more

France faces worst wine grape harvest since 1945

Source: The Guardian 25 August 2017 Wine production to fall by 18% on 2016 after spring frosts ravage vines, but hot summer could deliver top vintages. France is expecting its poorest wine grape harvest since 1945 after an unusually mild March and a frosty April, experts have said, although the hot summer promises to deliver excellent quality. “At harvests everywhere, in places where we... read more

The best way to drink whiskey, according to science

By Jenna Gallegos Washington Post Two physical chemists walk into a bar. They order whiskeys, and a jolly Scotsman one stool over insists they add a splash of water to optimize the flavor of the spirits. Inspired by the smooth, smoky flavor, they vow to investigate a question whiskey enthusiasts answered decades ago: Does adding water to whiskey really make it taste better? That’s... read more

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