Industry veteran warns of possible Irish whiskey drought

Whiskey magnate John Teeling has warned that there may be a scarcity of the Irish spirit within the next few years due to surging global demand. Mr Teeling, who has played a vital role in the renaissance of Irish whiskey, said the Japanese market is already experiencing a similar problem due to the popularity of its product. “Soon there will be a shortage of... read more

Negroni Week – Coming to a Bar Near You

Just when you thought that all of the fun had been exhausted, along comes Negroni Week! What is Negroni Week you ask? Essentially during Negroni Week, June 4-10, bars around the world will mix their favorite Negroni variations, donating a portion of proceeds from each one sold to a charity of their choice. You can find bars participating in this year’s Negroni Week by... read more

Hailstones ‘the size of pigeon eggs’ devastate Bordeaux vineyards

telegraph.co.uk/ – David Chazan 27 MAY 2018 Hailstorms have devastated thousands of acres of prime Bordeaux vineyards, prompting the French government to promise support for winegrowers, some of whom have lost their entire crop. Cyril Giresse, a winegrower, said hailstones “the size of pigeons’ eggs” destroyed grape buds and left vines bare on Saturday. “The storm lasted only about 15 minutes, but in some... read more

Unearthing Portugal’s Wine of the Dead, a Relic From the Napoleonic Wars

BY RAFAELA FERRAZ – atlasobscura.com In the small Town of Boticas, Portugal, a centuries-old tradition of making “wine of the dead” lives on. Despite its macabre name, this libation has less to do with death than it does with burial. In 19th-century Portugal, during a time of French invasions, people interred scores of bottles. The move, done out of fear that the wine would... read more

The 2016 Port Vintage Declared

The majority of the great old Port houses of the Douro have spoken and 2016 is indeed a vintage. The declaration of a vintage year in the world of Port is still a marking of an achievement and by extension cause for celebration. Rightly so the collective Port producers have been judicious with their declarations naming it a vintage year three to four times... read more

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