Heeet Hot Cinnamon Flavored Vodka

The Data

Category   Vodka/Aquavit

Sub-Category   Flavored Vodka

Origin   Florida

Retail Price   $24.99

ABV   34%

Score   3 Stars/Brilliant!

In the Glass


Brilliant, crystal clear with legs evident.


The nose is punctuated by a vibrant blast of cinnamon with little else competing for your attention.


The palate echoes the nose delivering a mildly sweet and refreshingly spicy cinnamon core with accents of pepper and sugar.

Intensity & Texture

Full-bodied and intensely flavored with cinnamon offering all of the heat and sinus clearing aromatics that you would expect.

Cool Factor


Cinnamon spirits are hot (pun intended) with new variations being offered on a regular basis. For those seeking a wake up shot — this fits the bill.

Value Grade


Being sold in the middle $20s this bold spirit is certainly priced in line with today's market.


Today we are seeing a good number of cinnamon flavored Whiskies entering the marketplace. In the Vodka category we are seeing a smaller number of cinnamon flavors with a range of approaches from hot to sweet like cinnamon buns. The Heet — as the name would suggest — is hot and spicy without being overly intense. This will certainly find a loyal set of fans who seek a fiery shot or shooter.

How to Enjoy

Serve as a shot either at room temperature or chilled. It also pairs well with cider creating a a quick and refreshing cocktail.

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