Aperitifs & Vermouth

Luckily we are living in a world where the Aperitif has made a comeback!

For some, the aperitif never left but thanks to the current cocktail renaissance and a drink-better culture the aperitif is back with a roar.

In simple terms an aperitif is a beverage taken before them meal designed to stimulate the appetite. The word aperitif is derived from the Latin aperire, or “to open.”

Aperitifs come in many forms from Wine, to Spirits & Cocktails, and even Beer – yes Beer! A great wine aperitif is always crisp, refreshing and typically white or sparkling while fortified wines like Fino Sherry and Vermouth are classics. Vermouths are among the very first aperitifs which is why we are going to give Vermouth a special focus here.

Vermouth is an aromatized and fortified wine but we have included it here in our Spirits section as it is most often used as a spirit being an essential ingredient in many cocktails. Can we imagine life without the Martini, Manhattan, or Negroni? I can’t.

There are many style of Vermouth from dry to sweet, white to red, and even rosé.

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