HiCoup Kitchenware

HiCoup Kitchenware

Over the years John Paul Dechaneo and his wife Ellie have travelled to various countries and have visited many vineyards. A wine lover for as long as he can remember John Paul always looked forward to meeting the wine makers, tasting their exquisite creations and learning some of the secrets behind the makings of these fine wines.   Following these amazing journeys John Paul and Ellie would host wine and cheese tasting parties for their friends and family and they would share what they had learned with others. Needless to say, nobody ever went home without a guide to the fine wines that they had an opportunity to savour.

Upon his retirement in 2012 John Paul decided that he wanted to learn more. Not only did he enjoy the many wines of his travels but he also recognized that the presentation of these wines was also important.   And who better than the people who worked in the industry to help him on this new journey. Sommeliers, bartenders, waiters and waitresses were just a few of the people that John Paul met and spoke with. He wanted to know what was important to them about the products that they used in their places of work. Once he had completed his research John Paul with the help of his son Isaac and daughter-in-law Lori began their quest to produce the best products available that would meet the needs of those working in the industry as well as for those who simply enjoy using high quality wine accessories.

HiCoup Kitchenware is Born

In 2014 John Paul founded HiCoup Kitchenware. With his son Isaac in charge of Quality Control and Manufacturing and his daughter-in-law Lori managing Customer Service, they worked together to create a brand of high quality, handcrafted products such as their best-selling Waiter’s Corkscrew and Oyster Knife. This family owned company strives to offer its customers high quality handcrafted products at a very affordable price. As a new company HiCoup relies on others to spread the word about their amazing products and their ability to provide outstanding customer service in a more personalized manner. For example….Lori spent over an hour teaching a blind woman how to use their new Winged Corkscrew. Lori walked the customer through the entire process during a 30 minute telephone conversation and the results – a very happy and satisfied customer.

While HiCoup is currently capitalizing on the online market their long-term plans include new wine accessories such as wine stoppers and foil cutters and an expansion into the “brick and mortar” retail market.

Please check out their Amazon store.

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