Spring Cocktails 2015

Spring Cocktails (The Ginicello)

Spring Cocktails (The Ginicello)

I’m constantly asked – “What’s your favorite Whiskey, or Wine, or Tequila, or cocktail…” The variations on the theme are endless. I understand the question but the answer is never easy and if I dare answer I’m rarely consistent. I like more things than can be imagined by the typical person who poses the innocent question.

I’m a seasonal drinker (and eater) and I don’t think that I’m alone. Restaurants change their menus from season to season for just this very reason. We crave different things in winter than we do in the August heat. It’s natural.

In spring those of us who live in places with distinct seasonal changes crave foods and drinks that celebrate the thaw and the coming of longer days and sunny skies.

Today I submit my contribution to the season, the BevX Spring Cocktail List. The only catch is that you will have make these yourself!

The BevX Spring Cocktail List

  • Mint Julio – Sometimes cocktail ideas arrive in the oddest of situations. Clearly the Derby was part of the inspiration… See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Ginicello – This cocktail was invented on a steamy summer’s night where after a few cocktails I was torn between a Margarita or a cool Gin & Tonic. I recently updated this drink… See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Cinco de Mayo – On dedicated party days, you need a drink that you can sip rather than gulp. Getting through the day with pleasure and great flavors is paramount but keeping your wits is a good idea as well. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • The Confessional – There’s always room for one more tasty Gin cocktail so here it is. I call it The Confessional to give a nod to the integral splash of Benedictine. It’s very easy to drink so be careful. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Hanging Fruit – I simply love the combination of coconut water (available in any supermarket these days) and aged Rum. It’s really one of the all-time great pairings. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Celtic Summer – I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again, just because it’s warm outside you don’t have to abandon Whiskey cocktails. See the Story and get the Recipe

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