Tasting Whiskey – Lew Bryson’s brilliant Whiskey book

Tasting Whiskey

Tasting Whiskey

Being a long-time author, speaker, and consultant in the beverage industry (feeling older just saying that…) I have seen hundreds of books on the subject of adult beverages created and released. Many of the authors of these books are at least acquaintances, some colleagues, and a few are friends. Lew Bryson is a friend.

Lew is the kind of guy you look forward to sharing a drink and having a chat about whiskey or any damn thing really. Among my author friends Lew is perhaps the most unassuming, most genuinely curious, and evenhanded. Lew has a deep understanding of the subject of whiskey but for the reader of Tasting Whiskey Lew’s greatest talent is his ability to transmit that knowledge in a clear and conversational manner. If you are a serious whiskey nerd and want to learn more or (most importantly) if you have a very basic understanding of the subject but you have a desire to know more – this is the book for you.

While working on this brilliant book I wish Lew had consulted me about the title. While Tasting Whiskey is a fine title I find Becoming One with Whiskey to be a better descriptor. Lew effortlessly takes the reader through the history of whiskey as well as the production, aging, blending, and best of the enjoyment of whiskey.

The reader is given the insiders view of the great whiskey categories of the world from Bourbon to Irish, Scotch, Canadian, Japanese, and more. Lew also navigates the reader through the tricky labyrinth of US craft distillers calling to attention practices both innovative and eyebrow raising without taking shots at individual producers. When you finish the book you may ask yourself, “I wonder which style of whiskey Lew prefers?” Trust me, this is no simple feat as an author.

Tasting Whiskey is not simply one of the best books on the subject, it’s a must-have book on the subject. You need this book. Get a copy for yourself and at the same time pick-up a copy for a friend. For years to come your friend will consider this one of the greatest gifts he or she has ever received.

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Sean Ludford – BevX

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