Top Five Vodka Cocktails

Sipping Vodka Cocktails

Sipping Vodka Cocktails

Vodka is so agreeable that it mixes with virtually anything or nothing at all. To be truthful, we prefer the later – super-chilled Vodka served neat with plenty of pickled vegetables, ham, smoked fish, and/or caviar.

We know that we will hear from plenty of you asking why the Vodka Martini is not included on our list. The answer is simple – the Martini is a Gin cocktail.

We have steered clear of naming Vodka brands here as we know that you Vodka drinkers are very brand loyal. Besides, if you want our views on a selection of Vodka brands please see our spirits reviews. Further, we really hope that you check out our story, Clarity on Vodka, a straight-forward look at the nation’s largest selling spirits category.

With our further ad we present our Top Five Vodka cocktails – indispensable in our view.

The BevX Top Five Vodka Cocktails

  • Bloody Mary –  No drink has ever mastered both the brunch and the morning after like the Bloody Mary. Order one after sundown and you’ll be an outcast. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Cosmopolitan –  Ray Bans, Miami Vice, big hair, a Member’s Only jacket, and the Cosmopolitan – it’s so 80s that you swear you’re hearing Duran Duran. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Moscow Mule – This classic cocktails from the 1940s enjoys a loyal following today or is it just that they have to use their copper mugs? See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Cape Codderkazi – A smash-up of two classic Vodka cocktails that is odd to say but easy to drink. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • White Russian – Bond had his iconic Martini shaken, not stirred and The Dude has the White Russian, See the Story and get the Recipe


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