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In our 59th year, Sky Ranch Foundation℠ continues to support our nation’s at-risk youth. The Beverage Alcohol Industry’s contributions have helped the Foundation to award grants to organizations so focused, such as these two worthy organizations.

San Rafael, CA-based Project Avary (projectavary.org) improves life outcomes for children with incarcerated parents. 5 million children in the U.S. have at least one parent in prison; that’s 1 in every 28 children.  Link here for a (brief) moving and rather compelling trailer entitled ‘Invisible Bars’, which explores the effects of mass incarceration on families and kids growing up with parents in prison.

Founded in 1971, Santa Rosa, CA-based Social Advocates for Youth (saysc.org) have provided support, opportunities and hope to more than 50,000 children, youth and families. If  you’re in the downtown area, attend their Free Benefit Concert featuring Kinsgborough on April 19 in Courthouse Square or join a tour and see them in action. Link here

Foundation President Ralph Aguera states, “We are proud of these two organizations for their rehabilitative processes and steadfast support of our nations’ at-risk youth and, as a Foundation representing the Beverage Alcohol Industry for just under six decades, we are humbled to be able to continue offering these much needed grants.”

Organizations wishing to receive a grant can link below to view the Foundation Guidelines: https://www.skyranchfoundation.org/grants/funding-guidelines/

For almost 6 decades the Sky Ranch Foundation’s SKY RANCH FOR BOYS® has been assisting young people rehabilitate their lives for the better. If you would like to join us in assisting in the rehabilitation of young people, please click on the contact page of our website skyranchfoundation.org for details.

The full list of beverage alcohol industry companies who support the Foundation can be accessed via a link on our Support page, SKYRANCHFOUNDATION.org/support, which also offers a link for donations. If you made a donation and do not see your company listed here, please contact doribryant@gmail.com.

See the full release here – https://www.skyranchfoundation.org/news/press-releases/sky-ranch-foundation℠-awards-grants-to-two-california-based-organizations-social-advocates-for-youth-and-project-avary/

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