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The BevX Report

For years I struggled with finding a way to best convey my opinions on the Wines, Beer, and Spirits I review at In accordance with tradition I set-out to write the best damn tasting note I could along with a score that would help quantify my love or disdain for a particular product.

While I am proud of this work and stand behind my reviews, I had always felt that it wasn’t enough. What I wanted to achieve was a way to convey my complete thoughts on a product, in context, without become too verbose or wonky. I wanted to give more than the score.

After years of experimentation I have succeeded in creating a review format that best approximates a candid conversation from a bar stool without all of the danger of joining me for drinks!

The BevX Report takes the spirit of this new conversational review format and presents it in a colorful, easy digested infographic that will have equal value to the beverage enthusiast, the bartender, retailer, and even the brand representative.

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 BevX Reports

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