Chimay Grande Réserve (Belgium)

The Data

Country   Belgium

Style   Belgian Style Strong Ale

Retail Price   $13.99, single bottle, 750ml

ABV   9%

In the Glass


Deep amber with a thick, creamy head.


The nose is complex and exciting with waves of dry and sweet malt with supporting dried fruits, caramel, spicy hop accents, and hints of baking spices and balsamic.


The palate echoes the nose with a dense fruit and malt driven core flanked by spice, hop, and concentrated ale notes with trailing notes of allspice.

Intensity & Texture

Full-bodied with dense and creamy malt that is kept perfectly balanced with a bright dose of acidity.

Cool Factor


In a world now filled with beers that are laced by ridiculous flavors and an unbalanced hop profile, sipping a true classic Trappist Ale is the coolest beer experience.

Value Grade


The great Chimay Ales are not cheap but when you consider that they can be obtained for the same price asked by the flavor of the month you will find that they are incredible values.


Chimay is an authentic Trappist Ale, one of just 11 in the world and among the six in Belgium. The brewery was founded in 1862 and today as in the beginning the work is done within monastery walls under the supervision and responsibility of the monastic community. The Chimay Grande Réserve is often known simply as Chimay "Blue". This great ale falls into the Belgian Style Strong Ale style.

How to Enjoy

Serve chilled but not overly cold in an Abbey Ale glass.

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