Spirits Styles

Isn’t it great that we are taking the time to ponder and contemplate the vast array of spirits styles or categories? In fact, we are often talking about spirits sub-categories such as whether this Vodka was made from rye or was it potato, or the fine subtleties of rested Tequila. No longer just “booze”, spirits are better than ever and getting their due attention.

We have arranged our discussion of style under four headers: White spirits, Whisky, Brandy, and Liqueurs & Aperitifs. White spirits is rather vague for sure (especially when considered that all spirits begin their life in a clear state) we use this moniker for spirits that are sold as clear beverages, or at least in part. Both Rum and Tequila surely take on color due to wood aging. Whiskey is a broad umbrella that covers spirits made from grain and aged in wood barrels to add color, flavor, and the magical affects of maturation. Brandy encompasses all spirits made from fruit and can be aged in wood or presented in a natural state.

Of course, not everything in life fits into a tidy little box so we look forward to showing you beverages that contradicts the rules as laid out above. Enjoy.

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