Gin & Genever

Gin, the original flavored Vodka.

Now introducing the next ultra hot category in the spirits world (drum roll please), Gin! Are you tired of hearing that? Have we beverage writers cried wolf far too many times? The truth is that I would love to proclaim Gin to be the next great trend. The problem is that gin is just too controversial, too personality driven, and far too misunderstood.

Gin is the perpetual bridesmaid, even failing to be promoted to the maid of honor role, and seemingly eons away from being the star of the show. Ironically, the spirit that is defined by its mélange of botanicals has never been able to snag the bouquet. However, when all things are considered, Gin is the ideal spirit for our time. It’s well suited for the cocktail renaissance that we now enjoy, the category’s newcomers are primarily in the premium arena that satisfies the quality spirits trend, and the subject of Gin is great fodder for analysis and debate. So who cares if Gin is the next “hot” thing? Ricky Martin was once hot and I don’t recall that working out so well.

Sometimes a topic or category is defined by its detractors but Gin is undoubtedly measured by its enthusiasts. Gin drinkers are manic and fiercely loyal, which is not to say that they are above experimentation. Gin drinkers are more in love with their chosen style of Gin; a preferred brand is simply the purveyor of their chosen style. The other side of the coin is equally true. Gin lovers are more opposed to certain styles than even a committed Gin hater. Gin is the polarizing and partisan drink of our time.

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