Negronis are never a bad way to start.

Negronis are never a bad way to start.



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The age of quality cocktails is here to stay. If you’re a bar operator clinging to commercial juices and mixers hastily mixed with bottom shelf booze – wake up; you’re days are numbered. It all boils down to two simple rules: fresh and quality. It takes little effort to juice a lime or lemon and it takes just a bit of research to discover quality spirits that are just nickels more than the garbage brands. If you are still a bit intimidated by the thought of making or even ordering cocktails BevX will help you sift through the rubbish. Each week I will bring you my Cocktail of the Week. It’s my goal to make to present cocktails that can easily and consistently be created at home or at the bar. Occasionally I will challenge you with homemade syrups and mixers but most of the time the BevX featured cocktail can easily crafted with just three or four ingredients and a  couple of simple tools. As always I will smash down the walls of snobbery and decode all of the mysteries of contemporary cocktails. It’s all about the pleasure. Enjoy!

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