Brown-Forman Cooperage Turns 70

A few years back I had the great privilege to visit the Brown-Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. In the past week I learned that this great, old cooperage, the oldest continuously operating new barrel whiskey cooperage in the world, is celebrating the 70th anniversary of their birth. The Brown-Forman Cooperage was founded in 1945 as the Bluegrass Cooperage. They are one of just two... read more

Oregon Pinot Noirs Don’t Fail to Impress

By Taylor Eason Taylor Eason is a regular contributor to BevX.com. She is a veteran wine writer and educator. Catch Taylor’s stories here and at her website, TaylorEason.com I still remember when I set eyes on Oregon’s wine country, Willamette Valley. It smelled of perfumey Pinot Noir wafting up through the vineyards, wineries, and through my hotel window. It was harvest of 2007 and... read more

Creamy Green Chicken Enchiladas

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Mexican food making it the perfect party and game-day food. For years I have been making this creamy green chicken enchiladas recipe that I adapted from a recipe seen on Rick Bayless’ great show, Mexico – One Plate at a Time. Bayliss nicked the recipe from the famous Cafe de Tacuba in Mexico City... read more

The Super Bowl is 50

Sunday’s Super Bowl marks a milestone – celebrating its 50th Birthday. Long before the teams were decided, we’ve been reminded of this milestone, including seeing clips of past Super Bowl contests. How did we get here? Here to the cultural institution and unofficial holiday the Super Bowl has become. For those not able to attend or see a portion on television, the First World Championship... read more

Whiskey Cocktails

When the cocktail revolution began a decade or so ago Whiskey cocktails were a bit player as white spirits were in favor. Not anymore. In truth, white spirits cocktails are relatively new. Grab a drinks recipe book from a century ago and you will find a great majority of these libations to be based upon either Whiskey or Brandy. As brown spirits improved in... read more

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