Clarity on Vodka

There is a lot of chatter lately about the decline of Vodka and rightfully so. However, it’s still the king among spirits in the USA making up about a quarter of all spirits sales. The worry is in the fact that five years ago Vodka accounted for one in three bottles of spirits sold in the nation. It can be reasonably argued that Vodka... read more

Frey Ranch – Farm Distillery

In recent weeks BevX had the opportunity and pleasure to try two exciting craft spirits from Frey Ranch. We were first struck by the very smart and contemporary packaging. Of course the proof is always in the glass so when we discovered that their Gin and Vodka were not just good but first rate we were hooked. I dug into the press material but... read more

Pork Braised in Cider

We love cooking with wine, beer, and spirits. Few ingredients bring as much flavor to a dish without taking it over. Cider brings great flavors to braised dished and its natural affinity with pork is on full display in this dish. This is a perfect dish to be served on a rainy weekend. Make a large batch and share it with friends. This dish... read more

The 142nd Kentucky Derby

Saturday, May 7,  America and the world will be glued to their TV sets to watch the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby was first run in 1875 and was witnessed by roughly 10,000 people. The first race was run on a 1 1/2 mile course that was quickly changed to 1 1/4 miles the next year in 1876 and remains... read more

Driftless Glen, Wisconsin Craft

Recently I made a visit to Driftless Glen Distillery, a relatively new craft distillery, located in Baraboo, WI. Craft distilleries have become a national phenomenon and have also become so ubiquitous that it’s worth giving them a critical look. It’s no longer good enough to be “local” as most bars, restaurants, and even retailers can attest. In the recent past being the local distiller... read more

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