Wine Harvest 2015

This is the time of year that the Northern Hemisphere winemakers harvest their crops and create the wines of the vintage. It’s a clear reminder that wine is of the earth, an agricultural product that demands constant care, sweat, and even blood. For the typical wine... read more

Celebrate Tomatoes

In late August and September our home gardens and the local farmer’s markets get flooded with great tomatoes. This is a glorious time and one that should be fully exploited. I look forward to having tomatoes each and every day when they are at their peak knowing that... read more

Kickoff Rant

Kickoff Time! The fall sports schedule is underway and there is something for most any sports fan. The Champions League is underway in the world of soccer (aka football), American football has begun both the college and professional games, and Rugby World Cup is just... read more

It’s in The Tea Leaves

Tea is the world’s most popular beverage next to water and has been consumed for nearly 5,000 years. While tea consumption in the US is slight when compared to Asia, Ireland, and the UK, 80% of all US households have tea in their cabinet. According to the Tea... read more

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