The Act of Independence

In a few short days many of us in the US will be celebrating the 240th anniversary of the founding of The United States of America. Many simply refer to the day as the Fourth of July but I opt for Independence Day. Every month in every year has a fourth but there was only one July 4, 1776 and what happened on and near... read more

Gin & Genever – The Essence of Juniper

Gin is the ultimate flavored Vodka. That title alone should be enough for Gin fans everywhere but for years if not decades we keep hearing that Gin will be the “next” hot spirit. I suggest that Gin never needed widespread appeal as Gin fans are a devoted bunch and in no need of validation from the hip crowd. However, when all things are considered,... read more

Tequila Peach BBQ Sauce

One of the best things about summer is that it’s BBQ season. We love firing up the grill and eating outdoors. Of course there is no reason to have a limited menu just because you have abandoned the kitchen. One grilling staple that is inexplicably out-sourced in the BBQ sauce. Why buy the jarred sauces filled with names that no one can pronounce? Making... read more

Shaking Up the World of Rum at Don Q

Recently the beloved “Most Interesting Man in the World,” rocketed off on a one-way journey to Mars. Is this the end of era? Perhaps the real Most Interesting Man in the World was never a Dos Equis pitchman rather hiding in plain sight in Ponce, Puerto Rico? Roberto Serrallés grew up in a Rum producing family, Destilería Serrallés makers of the Don Q Rums,... read more

Raid the Cellar – Brunello di Montalcino

Occasionally I like to have a structured tasting with a purpose — of older vintage that have been slumbering in the cellar. I wanted to share this recent “raiding of the cellar” as an example of the joys that can come with the patient act of cellaring wine. True, most of the wine made around the globe is meant to be consumed within a couple... read more

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