Wine polyphenols could fend off bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease

February 22, 2018 Source: American Chemical Society Evidence suggests that sipping wine may be good for your colon and heart, possibly because of the beverage’s abundant and structurally diverse polyphenols. Now researchers report in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that wine polyphenols might also be good for your oral health. Traditionally, some health benefits of polyphenols have been attributed to the fact... read more

Revealed: Why two glasses of wine and 15 minutes of exercise a day is the key to a long life

Source: The Telegraph Sarah Knapton 19 FEBRUARY The recipe for a long life includes exercising for 15 minutes a day, spending two hours on hobbies and enjoying a couple of glasses of wine, according to an ageing expert. Dr Claudia Kawas, of the University of California, who has spent 15 years studying people aged over 90, also recommended keeping weight down and drinking two... read more

Scotch Whisky Association launch legal challenge against German whiskey over ‘Glen’ Name

Source: http://www.heraldscotland.com/ by Peter Swindon February 18, 2018 The Scotch Whisky Association has launched a legal challenge against a German distillery’s use of the word ‘glen’ in the name of its signature single malt. The European Court of Justice will rule this week on a dispute between the Association and Waldhorn, the maker of Glen Buchenbach. The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) works to prevent... read more

Groundhog Day – Six More Weeks of Winter (not so fast)

Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most pampered rodent, will soon be pulled from his lair to determine if we will have a speedy spring or more grey winter. Not so fast I say. This vermin has seen his shadow on 103 occasions and failed to see a shadow just 17 times. I smell a rat… Who is this Punxsutawney Phil anyway and why should anyone... read more

The Game – 52nd Super Bowl

It’s here! No typical Sunday Funday this week, no way, it’s Super Sunday. Just two years ago we celebrated the milestone 50th Super Bowl. While the viewers did not break a record, it was the third most watched Super Bowl in history. One’s 52nd birthday may not get quite the attention of the 50th but this year the movement is growing for the day following the... read more

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