Proof and Alcohol by Volume

Proof is an all but meaningless expression of alcohol strength. The origins of this measurement date to the 18th century. Alcohol was determined to be of proof when a solution of the alcohol with water could be poured on a pinch of gunpowder and the wet powder could still ignite. It is no longer legally required on labels of spirits but is almost always... read more

Scotch Whisky Exports Rise

Source: BeverageDaily.com June 21, 2017 Scotch whisky exports increased by £79m ($100m) in the first quarter of 2017, coming in as one of the top two UK export products by value, along with Scottish salmon. Total Scottish food and drink exports in the period reached £1.2bn ($1.5bn), an increase of 11% (compared to the same period in 2016). Scotch whisky and Scottish salmon make... read more

Sediment in Wine

Nearly all sediment found in wine is naturally occurring and is in no way harmful. In fact, many wine pros and enthusiasts like to see a bit of sediment in their wines, particularly red wines that have been in bottle for more than five years. Sediment in wine can indicate a wine that has not been heavily filtered or otherwise processed. Sediment is a... read more

A Transformation in Three-Tier Wine Sales

Source: winebusiness.com June 17, 2017 Daily transactional data for three-tier wine sales will soon be widely available to wineries, a breakthrough that stands to transform the way wineries track and manage an estimated $1.8 billion in annual depletion allowances. The sweeping change is underway at Vermont Information Processing (VIP), an industry software and information provider that has long supplied daily depletion data to the... read more

A Brief History of California Wine

Winemaking in California began far before this land was a state. Franciscan monks first planted grapes in California near San Diego in 1769. They methodically moved north up the coast establishing missions and along with them vineyards that by 1823 reached from the Mexican border to Sonoma County. Soon after, various European settlers established vineyards in California often bringing their native grape varietals as... read more

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