Leinenkugel's Canoe Paddler (USA)

The Data

Country   USA

Style   Kolsch

Retail Price   $7.99, Six Pack, 12 oz.

ABV   5%

In the Glass


Brilliant golden color with a fine bead of bubbles and a soft white head.


The aromatics are fresh and vibrant with scents of malt and classic wet river stone accents found in Kolsch style beers with a subtle hop note.


The palate echoes the nose delivering a vibrant, malt driven core with strong support from the ale yeast, as well as a spicy rye accent.

Intensity & Texture

Medium-bodied with perfect balance thanks to a bright dose of acidity with a faint, citrus-like finish.

Cool Factor


A major US brewer in Wisconsin making a classic Kolsch style ale that is true to the German original is always very, very cool.

Value Grade


With a sticker price of $8 for the six-pack and better values to be found with the 12-packs we find this beauty from Leinenkugel's to be an excellent value.


Leinenkugel's is a great old family brewery founded in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin over 150 years ago. Leinenkugel's beers are now available nationwide. They offer over a dozen different styles including a collection of seasonable beers like their "Canoe Paddler", a classically styled Kolsch beer. We absolutely love the Canoe Paddler as it has everything a lover of classic European beers seek. We have had our fill of so called craft Kolsch beers that feature the hop profile of an IPA. If you really love classic European beers and need a break from the hop-heavy brews that fill your local taps seek out the Canoe Paddler, our favorite spring session ale.

How to Enjoy

Pour in a glass and enjoy. It's perfectly balanced and proportioned making it an ideal food beer as well. Drink it up while you can as it's available only March through July.

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