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An Irishman in Manhattan

There are countless variations of the classic Manhattan; some good, some bad, and some beyond description. Recently I rediscovered this variation that I mixed up some years ago when asked to make a version utilizing Irish Whiskey. This drink was a great a hit and became a staple winter warmer. It enjoyed so much popularity in my home that I eventually stopped making it as it was drowning out all other cocktails! So much like that album/cd that you played and played to until you could take no more (your friends likely reached that point a month earlier); as time passes it becomes a welcomed old friend. Enjoy.


2.5 oz. Quality Irish Whiskey
1 oz. Ruby Port
1/2 oz. Campari (or other bitter liqueur)
Dried black or red currants soaked in Irish Whiskey for the submerged garnish


This twist on the classic needs no occasion as it's 12-month ready. In the summer months serve on ice for extra refreshment.


Add all ingredients along with a handful of ice to a mixing glass. Stir, don't shake, for a good 20 seconds and then strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the plumped currants.


Being a variation this cocktail has already satisfied this condition but you can alter this Manhattan variation by swapping the Ruby Port for a sweeter style Amontillado Sherry.

Source: Sean Ludford, BevX

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