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Hot Toddy - BevX Style

This classic winter cocktail can soothe us and at times heal us with its warmth and clever dose of Whiskey. It can be made with great ease and requires no special skills or ingredients. Be sure to brew your own black tea (loose is best) and use a quality honey.


6 oz. Hot, brewed Earl Grey Tea
1 1/2 oz.  Quality Irish Whiskey
1/4 oz. Quality Orange Liqueur
1 teaspoon Honey


A classic Hot Toddy is great all year long but I really get into a toddy mood when the days get shorter and the air gets colder.


Brew the Earl Grey tea in the standard way. Pour the tea into your favorite mug or cup. Add the other three ingredients and give it a stir until the honey is fully combined. Enjoy with a wedge of citrus fruit.


I can't imagine how many variations of the toddy exist both written and unwritten. The idea is always the same, add a Spirit (often Whiskey) to a hot beverage or just hot water. Feel free to use your favorite tea, I use Earl Grey as it is flavored with bergamot and citrus, which is ideal in this drink.

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