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Rosé Punch

Whenever winter continues and spring is just a hope we can’t help but to think of spring. This great and easy to construct punch is ideal for spring and summer brunch. We like to use a full-flavored Rosé with just a hint of sweetness. Don’t skimp on the Rosé but don’t go overboard either. Check our Rosé reviews and you will find many great choices for under $15.


3 cups Rosé Wine
3 cups Italian Cranberry Soda (we got ours at Whole Foods)
1 cup Raspberries whole
1 cup Strawberries sliced
2 oz. Cointreau


Enjoy this punch in the spring and summer when the newly released Rosé of the previous fall's harvest has been released and fresh berries are plentiful. Also the low alcohol content is welcomed when the hot sun is beating down.


Freeze the raspberries for two hours. In a large pitcher add all of the chilled liquid ingredients and give a gentle stir. Add the fruit and stir again. Serve in large juice glasses. Enjoy.


Try swapping the cranberry soda for a tamarind or hibiscus soda and perhaps mix-up the berry selection or add some slice peach or nectarine.

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