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Sean's Champagne Cocktail

If you're looking to spark a bit of romance or just trying to get out of the doghouse this simple yet exotic cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. There are countless variations on the Champagne Cocktail but I'm a big fan of this one as it captures the sweet and bitter elements of the classic while adding an unexpected fruit note. Despite the name you need not use authentic Champagne but you must use a quality, dry sparkling wine.


Recipe for Two
1 teaspoon tamarind paste
1 ounce of fresh limejuice
1 ounce quality Orange Liqueur

Quality dry sparkling wine (Brut level preferred and dry Prosecco is a great choice.)


This cocktail is ideal for any occasion or celebration. It's great at brunch and a perfect way to start a dinner for two.


In a cocktail shaker or any mixing glass add the tamarind paste, limejuice, and orange liqueur. Mix well. Pour half of the mixture into a Champagne flute. Repeat with another flute. Add a long strand of orange zest to each glass and then fill the flutes with the sparkling wine or Champagne. Put on some mood enhancing music (Van Morrison is never a bad choice) and for the love of all that is holy switch off your damn phone!


There are an endless number of variations on the classic Champagne Cocktail. This is my favorite – what's your favorite?

Source: Sean Ludford, BevX

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