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Black Velvet

We love beer cocktails and we really love tasty, simple cocktails. The Black Velvet has just two ingredients with one of them being beer. We couldn't be happier. This classic is said to have been "invented" at the Brooke's Club in London in 1861. It's as perfect as peanut butter and chocolate and can be enjoyed in any season.


Dry Stout (like Guinness)
Sparkling Wine (we like to use Prosecco)


Enjoy this cocktail anytime but it takes on a festive ring when served in the winter holidays.


Fill a chilled Champagne flute halfway with cold stout and top with the sparkling wine. If you pour carefully you will achieve a separation of the two liquids. If not don't fret as it will still be delicious.


You can make this a very different cocktail by using sparkling wines with varying levels of sweetness or by using a sparkling red with a fruity profile.

Source: Classic

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