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Italian Coffee

Everyone knows the Irish Coffee so why not have a hot coffee cocktail from the land of superb coffee drinks? We have added layers of Italian flavors along with a double dose of espresso to create a drink that just might be too tasty.


.75 oz. Amaretto
.5 oz. sweet Vermouth
.5 oz. coffee Liqueur
teaspoon sugar
Double shot of Espresso
1 oz. steamed milk
whipped cream


Any cool or absolutely cold afternoon or evening is the right time for this drink.


Add the first six ingredients the coffee cup of your choice (not too big as this drink consists of just over five ounces). Stir gently and briefly and then top with whipped cream. If you like top the cream with shaved dark chocolate or crushed Amaretti cookies.


Experiment as you like – might we suggest adding Sambuca?

Source: Sean Ludford, BevX

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