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Bolivian 63 – featuring Singani 63

The classic French 75 is a beautiful cocktail and one of our favorites. Like so many classic cocktails there are many variations – some good and some not so good. The Bolivian 63 is a damn fine twist on the classic and in some ways it's even better as the bright floral and citrus notes in the Singani 63 pair perfectly with the lemon and bubbly.

We predict that once you taste this cocktail it will become part of your regular rotation.


2 oz. Singani 63
.75 oz. Lemon juice
.75 oz. Simple syrup
3 to 4 oz. Sparkling Wine
Lemon twist for garnish


This is a great rif off the old classic that is great at anytime of the year as it's the perfect aperitif.


Add the first three ingredients, along with a handful of ice, to a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain into a coupe, Champagne flute, or perhaps a Collins glass filled half with ice. Top with the sparkling wine and garnish with lemon twist.


The Bolivian 63 is a creative variation on the classic French 75. We reccommend that you enjoy this version.

Source: Singani 63

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