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The Bellini is a very popular, and simple, cocktail that is sadly most often done poorly. Once you have had a genuine Bellini, you won't forget it. It could not be simpler with just two ingredients. Much like the food of Italy, less is more but only when quality ingredients are used. Fresh fruit puree must be used when making a Bellini; juice just won't do. The Bellini was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, head bartender at Harry's Bar in Venice (Italy). He is said to have created the name based on the cocktails unique color, which reminded Cipriani of a Saint's robe in a painting, by the Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini. While the original includes fresh white peach puree, not juice, you can substitute a fresh fruit that is in season. After all, this was the spirit in which the drink was created. The puree can be made by simply peeling and pitting the fruit. If this seems like too much trouble, buy the absolute best quality frozen fruit and puree it in your blender. However, we do not support substituting the Prosecco with another sparkling wine. Prosecco has the ideal balance of semidry fruit and acid and it marries seamlessly with fresh fruit.


White Peach Puree


You don't need to be in Venice to enjoy this drink that can be happily served all year long.


In a champagne flute fill one-third of the glass with the white peach puree. Slowly top with the Prosecco. A steady pour will insure a balanced blend of peach and Prosecco in every sip.


There are so many variations and with the availability of quality fruit purees that possibilities are endless.

Source: BevX - classic

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