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The Jubilant Cherry

This drink is based on the classic, old-school, Cherries Jubilee that once graced the dessert menu at every posh American restaurant. This cocktail is rich enough to warm the cool and dark winter days while refreshing enough to be sipped in the summer evenings. A softer and more refreshing version can be made by simply adding an ounce of orange juice and serving the cocktail in a tall glass over ice.


2 oz. of VSOP level Cognac
1/2 oz. Quality orange liqueur
2 oz. Cherry Juice (the real thing NOT sweet juice from a jar of Maraschino Cherries - Find it at Whole Foods or similar grocery)
1 dash of bitters (allspice bitters is preferred)


This drink is great anytime of the year refreshing in summer and warming with rich Cognac in the winter months.


Pour all ingredients along with a healthy handful of ice into a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry, or orange slice, or both if you're feeling festive.


Feel free to experiment with different Brandies. Armagnac will result in a very rich winter warmer, Spanish Brandy will be bright and fruity, and a quality American Brandy will mimic the cherry flavors perfectly.

Source: Sean Ludford, BevX

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