Carpano Dry Vermouth

The Data

Category   Vermouth

Sub-Category   Dry Vermouth

Origin   Milano

Retail Price   $20.99

ABV   18%

In the Glass


Brilliant, crystal clear.


The nose is generous and complex with a vibrant white wine core with bright notes of citrus juice and zest, coriander, fenugreek, yellow mustard seed, and rice wine vinegar.


The palate confirms the nose delivering a lush, wine-driven core with supporting notes of citrus, spice, and bright floral flavors with a deft dose of sweetness.

Intensity & Texture

Full-bodied while being perfectly balanced with deep, off-dry wine notes and trailing spice flavors.

Cool Factor


Great examples like the Carpano Dry show that Vermouth can be a great beverage in its own right being much more than a supporting player.

Value Grade


When you can get one of the best examples of any style for around 20 bucks we call that a great value.


The Carpano Dry Vermouth is a relatively new product having just hit the US market in 2014. Their "dry" is a less sweet version of the classic Carpano Bianco with a similar but distinct herb and spice infusion. The Carpano Dry was created with cocktails and bartenders in mind offering another flavor and sugar profile. I love that it's not just a drier version of the classic but it has a unique flavor signature as well.

How to Enjoy

This is the perfect addition to both the classic and Vodka martini adding distinctive spice with just a subtle hint of sweetness. However, I urge you to serve this lovely Vermouth solo on ice or perhaps with a portion of soda or sparkling wine.

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