Sloane's Dry Gin

The Data

Category   Gin/Genever

Sub-Category   Gin


Retail Price   $27.99

ABV   40%

Score   4.5 Stars/Exceptional! +

In the Glass


Brilliant, crystal clear.


This Gin is very aromatic with spicy cardamom notes hitting first followed quickly by the citrus and soft peppery notes that lead to subtle hints of vanilla.


The palate echoes the nose delivering a vibrant citrus-focused core with the other botanicals bringing support on the flanks with floral notes rising on the finish with accents of lemon zest.

Intensity & Texture

Medium-bodied with perfect balance and a complex mélange of citrus and exotic botanicals.

Cool Factor


The Sloane's Gin offers something different in terms of its profile being several degrees from a London Dry and far from the traditional Dutch style.

Value Grade


At under $30 the Sloane's Gin is a solid value in our estimation as its quality to price ratio make it a smart buy.


The primary talking point with Sloane's Gin is their practice of distilling each botanical separately and blending the single botanical spirits to create the desired Gin. In sum nine botanicals are utilized: juniper, iris root, coriander, angelica root, cardamom, liquorice root, vanilla beans,and fresh oranges and lemons from Spain. The brand is named for Sir Hans Sloane (1660–1753) a celebrated botanist who is credited with introducing many exotic botanicals to the UK. Curiously this tasty Gin is bottled at 40% abv rather than a higher proof that is expected. However, the botanicals pop from the glass without the aid of a higher proof.

How to Enjoy

Enjoy the Sloane's Gin in all of your favorite Gin cocktails while we quite like it in The Botany.

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