Allaire Privée Rum

The Data

Category   Rum/Rhum

Sub-Category   Rum


Retail Price   $105

ABV   40%

In the Glass


Crystal clear.


The nose is quite interesting as it delivers sweet sugar notes alternatively with dense earthy tones and subtle tropical notes.


The palate somewhat follows the lead the nose provided delivering a sweet and hot core with subtle mineral and earth notes that become dry and slightly woody on the finish.

Intensity & Texture

Medium-bodied with hot and dry notes that envelop the subtle fruit notes.

Cool Factor


I love Rum. I mean I really love Rum but I'm confused by what this Rum is telling me in the glass.

Value Grade


At over $100 for a Rum that by all indicators is aged for three years and delivers a rather confused palate is no value at all.


The Allaire brand styles itself as a luxury brand and it certainly has the ostentatious packaging and the incredible sticker-shock that go with many luxury brands. We always approach products with the eye and palate of an enthusiast looking for something to love but the Allaire Rum has presented a formidable challenge.

How to Enjoy

If you are shelling out $100 a bottle for this Rum we would not presume that we knew best how to drink it.

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