Christian Drouin XO Calvados, Pays d’Auge

The Data

Category   Brandy

Sub-Category   Calvados, Pays d’Auge

Origin   Normandy

Retail Price   $126.99

ABV   40%

Score   5 Stars/Supreme!

In the Glass


Brilliant golden to copper color.


The aromatics are amazingly fresh and vibrant with scents of fresh apple juice and cider, caramelized apples, baked stone fruits, toasted almonds, brown baking spices, and a splash of vanilla.


The palate is equally youthful and mature delivering layers of ripe fruit, spice, mineral, a fine salinity, and trailing floral notes, with cinnamon heat, vanilla bean, and oak on the finish.

Intensity & Texture

Medium to full-bodied with layers of ripe fruit and generous portions of spice, vanilla, and oak.

Cool Factor


It's impossible for me to give any Christian Drouin product anything less that an "A" for cool as these represent some of the finest spirits the world has to offer.

Value Grade


These handcrafted spirits from Christian Drouin are not cheap but how could they be? Old and beautiful Calvados at $125 is a special treat.


This is a real beauty showing what Calvados can be with a few years of maturation seamlessly integrating oak and spice into the fold while keeping the fresh apple notes alive. The XO is made with a blend of double distilled Calvados aged 8 to 15 years in small casks.

How to Enjoy

Sip neat in a Brandy glass after dinner or at any special occasion.

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