Vermont Spirits Coppers - Sugarwood Gin

The Data

Category   Gin/Genever

Sub-Category   Gin

Origin   Vermont

Retail Price   $34.99

ABV   45%

Score   4.5 Stars/Exceptional! +

In the Glass


Brilliant, crystal clear.


The nose is very inviting and complex with beautiful scents of orange and juniper with flanking notes of earthy angelica root and citrus.


The palate concurs with the nose while delivering a rich and slightly sweet, maple spirit core dosed with juniper, orange, and green tea.

Intensity & Texture

Full-bodied with a silky and semisweet core spiked with fresh botanicals while being perfectly balanced with a bright dose of citrus-like acidity.

Cool Factor


I have been a fan of the Vermont Spirits since their founding. The Coppers Sugarwood Gin is unique style and it's very hard to stop sipping.

Value Grade


Selling in the mid-$30 range the Sugarwood Gin from Vermont Spirits is not on anyone's bargain list but its great and unique flavors match the sticker price.


The Coppers Gin is named for coins issued by the Republic of Vermont in 1785. The Sugarwood expression is made with their famous maple spirit base distilled with wild juniper berries picked in Northern Vermont along with angelica root, cassia, orange peel, and green tea. Sugarwood is a wonderful hybrid style Gin being part Genever and part American style Gin with lovely sweet maple spirit notes that add additional lift to the vibrant botanicals while still finishing dry as the orange peel notes linger for minutes.

How to Enjoy

Serve chilled with as little interference possible as this complex Gin is a ready-made cocktail.

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