Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne NV

The Data

Country   France

Appellation   Champagne

Varietal   Sparkling Blend

Retail Price   $55

ABV   12%

Score   4.5 Stars/94 points

In the Glass


Brilliant, pale golden color with a steady stream of fine bubbles.


The nose opens meekly but quickly opens up with waves of spring flowers, complex lees and mineral notes, and soft citrus accents.


The palate fully concurs with the nose delivering a complex core of white fruits, toasted brioche, and bright floral notes that linger for minutes while softly competing for dominance.

Intensity & Texture

Medium-bodied with a seamless fusion of fruit, lees, mineral, and subtle citrus notes with a vibrant dose of acidity creating ideal balance.

Cool Factor


Small Champagne houses creating beautiful expressions are the pinnacle of cool.

Value Grade


As much as Champagne lovers want Champagne to be cheap or even affordable in many cases it's simply an experience that most of us can enjoy on rare occasions.


Champagne Ayala is one of the longest-established Champagne houses having been founded in 1860. It remains a small and independent Champagne house despite being acquired by Bollinger in 2005. The house style is dry and complex with layers of flavor. The dosage (the amount of sugar added after the secondary fermentation) is very low and the time on the lees is significant. This bright and complex brut is made with a blend of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, and 20% Pinot Meunier. The wine spends three years on the lees gaining character and texture and keeping with the house style the dosage is very modest. Wonderfully complex and worth your efforts to locate.

How to Enjoy

Serve chilled but not over-chilled in a flute glass. This dry and delicate Champagne works great as an aperitif but it is fantastic with soft and semi-soft cheese.

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