• Fantome Saison Ale (Belgium)

    Deep golden colored and cloudy with a thick, rocky head. The nose and palate reveal wild flavors akin to lambic. A complex blend of rich malt and tart citrus like flavors. In the end the crisp and lively impression wins the struggle of flavors making this a very refreshing drink anytime of the year. 4 Stars

  • Tucher Dunkles Hefeweizen (Germany)

    Chestnut tan head with a subtle haze. Pours with a big, richly laced head. Medium bodied. Mild bitterness. Wonderful aromas feature banana, clove and toasty malt accents. Rich upfront, with frothy carbonation and a toasted malt note that turns drier through the finish where creamy, yeasty flavors come through. Relatively dry. Outstandingly flavorsome and refreshing. 4 Stars

  • Dupont Moinette Blonde (Organic Saison) (Belgium)

    A hazy beer much like the Weiss Beers you have seen at your favorite tavern. Complex aromas of brown spice and herbs. Bright citrus note upfront with toasted malt palate giving contrasting sweet malt/toffee flavors. A very impressive and complex brew that will satisfy the experts while being approachable to the novice. 5 Stars

  • Traquair House Ale (Scotland)

    Dark mahogany color with a generous white head. Toasted grains, sweet malt, and toffee fill the nose. The palate echoes the nose as it seamlessly marries barley malt with semi-sweet caramel, roasted nuts, and hints of earth and brown spices. The finish lingers with rich but dry malt notes with a very delicate note of earthy hops. Dangerously sessionable. 4 Stars

  • Traquair Jacobite Ale (Scotland)

    Deep mahogany color with a rocky white head. The nose presents a complex and pleasing aromatic profile that offers as much spice and herbal-like hops notes as dense malted barley. The palate offers waves of malt and grain with accents of caramel, cocoa nibs, fruitcake, with star anise, cardamom, and a hint of clove. Ideally balanced, skillfully masking its considerable strength. Tremendous. 5 Stars

  • Castle Eggenberg Brewery Samichlaus Bier (Austria)

    Bright copper color. The nose is wildly fruity with scents of cherry, orange peel, currants, sherry, roasted nuts, and gobs of sweet malt. The palate echoes the aromatics while being ultra sweet and powerful. Brewed only once a year on December 6 then aged for 10 months before bottling. Old vintages are enjoyed as holiday specialties. This beer has somewhat of a cult following but I find a bit out of whack with it’s alcohol strength. 3 Stars

  • Hanssens Mead Gueuze (Belgium)

    Bright, pale gold and turgid. Crisp with the dominate citrus character tamed by semisweet notes of wild honey and sweet grains of malt. Grassy in the finish with lingering sour flavors with tart baked apples and pears. 3 Stars

  • Samuel Smith Winter Welcome (England)

    Deep amber color. The aroma is very complex offering scents of toasted grains, sweet caramel, dried fruits (like a great fruit cake), and a balancing earthy bitterness. The palate confirms the aromatic notes with a rich, lush texture ideally balancing power with delicacy due in great part to its complex spice mélange. More than a “winter welcome” being a great winter remedy. 4 Stars

  • Harviestoun “Ola Dubh” Special Reserve 12 (Scotland)

    Black as night with little head. Firm dark roasted malt scents abound running toward coffee, roasted nuts, treacle, and fruitcake. The palate confirms the nose adding a soft, sweet whisky note with a faint anise and semi-sour bread note. Exceptionally balanced and complex. Far from a gimmick beer, rather being a noble and tasty effort. 4 Stars

  • Harviestoun “Ola Dubh” Special Reserve 16 (Scotland)

    Black as night with a modest tan head of foam. The nose is rich and malty with notes of dried fruits, mocha, a touch of smoke, toasted walnuts, chocolate, and sweet grains. The palate echoes the nose being rich and silky while not being too heavy offering complex, ever changing flavors. A wonderful night cap! null null null 5 Stars

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