Dunkel (Dark) Lager

Versions of this style from Continental Europe can be euphoria inducing brews.

There was a time, and not too long ago in terms of beer history, that all Beer was dark. Then in the 1840s when Pilsner was born the world of Beer, and certainly Lager, went light (in respect to color). In a world filled with many dark Beers: Stout, Porter, Brown Ales, and so on, are all very recognized examples of dark Beers – why make a big deal about Dunkel Lager? First, most of the dark Beers that we know so well are Ales, not Lagers. In fact, more than 95% of all Lager produced and consumed around the globe is of the lightly colored variety. Taking note of this Bavarian specialty, Dunkel, is well worth any effort on our part. At their best these Beers are dark brown, malty and grainy while not being sweet (like Bock) and without the semi-tart roasted grain notes found in Stout. They are simply harmonious and complex with clean flavors and moderate alcohol strength.

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