Flemish Brown Ales

Flemish Brown Ale

The Brown Ales of Flanders are among the most unique and contemplative Beers produced in Belgium or in fact, the world. Vastly different than the Brown Ales from the UK, Flemish Browns are styled somewhere between a rich, amber Ale and a semi-tart wine with hints of nutty, semi-sweet, Amontillado Sherry tossed in for further interest. These Ales are often associated with a classic dish of the region, Carbonade Flamande (beef and onions braised in Beer), both for its natural affinity as a complimenting beverage and its logical use as an essential ingredient. The careful blending of old and young Ale much like the Flanders Red Ales and Lambic help create the deep flavors of the style. The result is a complex Ale that exhibits sour and lactic notes contributed by the aged Ale and fresh, caramel, malty notes of the youthful Ale. As is the case with many of the Belgian styles, the alcohol strength can be substantial so proceed with intelligence and your car keys out of reach.

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