Kölsch, the pride of Cologne, Germany

Kölsch is a style of beer just waiting to be discovered by the masses (the Germans have known this for some time). It has the appearance and drinkability of a lager, the aromatics of an ale, and the refreshing qualities of Prosecco. In short, it’s hard to have just one Kölsch. This style is wonderfully fresh and crisp with just enough of a malt note to add depth and interest. A well-made Kölsch is a tremendous session beer.

Kölsch originated in Cologne, Germany. The name Kölsch, like Champagne and a slew of other famous wine districts, is fiercely protected in Germany and the rest of the European Community. In Cologne it is rare to see another beer consumed, which speaks to both the regional pride and the undeniable drinkability of Kölsch.

Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, straight, slender glass known as a Kölsch-Stange. In Cologne these sleek glasses are carried in circular trays with holes cut along the perimeter to secure the glasses with a handle in the center. It’s really a sight that must be witnessed personally and typifies the German’s love of regional beers.

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