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Goose Island Matilda (USA)

Product Story

Matilda is the ideal Beer to present to your “wine only” friends. They will be won over by this Beer’s complex and unique flavors. They may even be shocked that Beer can be like this while all of us Beer fans have known what great is capable of for some time. Matilda started as part of Goose Island's "Vintage Ale" series but is available year-round.

Brand Story

Goose Island Brewery has earned itself a loyal following with their flavorful line-up of regulars and seasonal brews that always seem to strike the perfect balance of classical styling with a steadfast Goose Island house style accent. Over a dozen different styles are produced each year. The Matilda, inspired by the great Belgian Abbey Style Ales, is now part of the brewery's year-round portfolio of beers. Goose Island Matilda available in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles, as well as 765ml bottles for sharing.

Tasting Note

A rich copper color with a thick, white head. A Belgian Abbey style ale offering a complex mélange of fruit, malt, and hops accented with notes of citrus, clove, caramel, pepper, and cardamom. The palate fully concurs with the nose offering rich malt flavors with accents of fruit, spice, and citrus. Rich and creamy with enough acid to keep it fresh with a subtle hop note as well.

How to Serve

The Matilda is an ideal food companion pairing well with soft-rind cheese, smoked salmon, and of course, steamed mussels.

Price: $ 9

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